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The great African capital migration/africa/en-gb/research/152/the-great-african-capital-migrationThe great African capital migrationExploring trends impacting real estate capital flows in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Spotlight on Africa: a diverse frontier/africa/en-gb/research/151/spotlight-on-africa-a-diverse-frontierSpotlight on Africa: a diverse frontierInvestor sentiment for hotels in Sub-Saharan Africa remains positive despite economic headwinds in key markets, according to the latest JLL research into the sector.
Lagos City Report 2016/africa/en-gb/research/150/lagos-city-reportLagos City Report 2016As the main commercial hub of Africa’s largest economy, Lagos is a favoured location for international corporations.
Abuja city report 2016/africa/en-gb/research/147/abuja-city-report-2016Abuja city report 2016​In Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is endeavouring to create an enabling environment hinged on government policies to encourage local and foreign investment into Abuja.
Accra city report 2016/africa/en-gb/research/148/accra-city-report-2016Accra city report 2016​The real estate sector in Accra has witnessed its first wave of investment-grade retail, office and hotel assets being developed six to eight years ago.
Student housing - a new asset class in Sub-Saharan Africa/africa/en-gb/research/145/student-housing-new-asset-class-in-ssaStudent housing - a new asset class in Sub-Saharan AfricaDemand for new purpose-build student housing in Sub-Saharan Africa is set to exceed 500,000 beds over the next five years. With continuing public sector budget constraints, private investors will have an important role to play in meeting this demand.