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Maputo City Profile

Mozambique has been host to the world’s biggest gas discovery in the past decade, and along with 6.9% economic growth rates in 2015, the country and Maputo in particular are now highly visible on corporate and investor radars.

The world’s second largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant is under construction on the north coast, which is destined to make the country the world’s fourth largest exporter of LNG by 2025. Major infrastructure, electricity, port and rail upgrades are underway to service the extraction, the ancillary benefits of which will be felt in Maputo.

Maputo has seen available office space volumes expand over the past two to three years and, as a result, rental growth has declined The retail market has been slow to start because of the large informal trade sector, but South African retailers are now entering the city, which is encouraging growth. Nodes in the centre of Maputo and close to the port and airport are witnessing development of higher-value office or retail warehouse uses.

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